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International Day of Forests

International Day of Forests Carolina Moran Geographer with professional experience in the field of environmental consultancy, weather forecasting, aeronautical meteorology, steel industry and dissemination. Currently, she works as Project Manager in the Environmental & Sustainability department of Euro-Funding, where she develops technical projects and manages the processing of grants in the environmental sector, renewable energies, ... Read more

Main opportunities and challenges of the Decarbonisation PERTE Maria Victòria Palau Chemical engineer and Business Administration and Management graduate with more than 16 years of experience in the management and execution of projects in the area of innovation. Currently working as Key Account Manager of Euro-Funding. Settings Main guidelines and requirements for accessing funds On ... Read more

Public funds

Summary webinar: Cluster 5 Climate, Energy and Mobility What is the Horizon Europe programme about? Horizon Europe, the new Framework Programme of the European Union, a continuation of the H2020 programme, has as one of its thematic priorities the promotion of technologies in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals and the strategic agendas associated with ... Read more


Fourth year of monitoring: ISO 27001 Information Security FOURTH YEAR OF MONITORING | ISO 27001 After a lot of hard work, Euro-funding has successfully passed the fourth year of ISO 27001 monitoring, referring to Information Security. Euro-Funding  have been reviewed and audited, reflecting Euro-Funding’s commitment to guaranteeing the security of information in all our activities ... Read more

Enviromental Risk Analysis

Final line for Environmental Risk Analysis FINAL LINE FOR ENVIROMENTAL RISK ANALYSIS Law 26/2007, of 23 October, on Environmental Responsibility, modified by Law 11/2014, of 3 July, establishes in Annex III the activities that must have a financial guarantee that allows them to face the environmental responsibility inherent to the activity they carry out. Said ... Read more

Clima Program

5.700 less tons of CO2 thanks to the CLIMA Program We have reduced 5.700 tons of co2 We have currently managed very disparate projects, which cover almost all the variants of projects admitted in the Clime Programme, among them: Modal shift projects from road to rail transport Renewal of the fleet of vehicles replacing vehicles ... Read more


Energy efficiency services for companies Enrique Roca Industrial Technical Engineer with specialization in Mechanics. He is currently Technical Manager in the Energy Efficiency and Sustainability unit of Euro-Funding, in which he carries out, among other services, the management of public aid for energy saving and efficiency, aid for environmental actions, waste reduction and circular economy, ... Read more


Covid will force companies to review their energy costs Covid will force companies to review their energy costs It is essential that companies carry out an analysis of the overall expenditure.Due to the impact that the Covid-19 has had on the economy, most companies have been forced to temporarily close their factories. This has led ... Read more


Corporate enviromental responsability Corporate enviromental responsability Since the approval of Law 26/2007 on Environmental Responsibility, companies whose activity may cause damage to the adjacent environment are obliged to carry out measures to prevent, avoid and repair such damage, as well as to cover their costs. This law is therefore based on the principles of “prevention” ... Read more

Without plastic

Companies advocating a world without plastic Companies advocating a world without plastic DIRECTIVE (EU) 2019/904 on the reduction of the impact of certain single-use plastic products (plates, cutlery, straws, cotton swabs and polystyrene food packaging) was adopted last June by the European Parliament. Since then, many companies have begun to change by seeking alternatives in ... Read more

Energy management

Is biogas the best choice in the face of supply shortages? Is biogas the best choice in the face of supply shortages? In the past few months we have seen how electricity and gas prices in Europe have risen to unprecedented levels. The war in Ukraine is undoubtedly the main reason for this growth. The ... Read more