Presentation of our Sustainability
Plan 2023-2025

Sustainability plan 2023-2025

On 9 May we presented the roadmap we will follow between now and 2025 in terms of sustainability. Responsible environmental management, community development at a social level, and the promotion of innovation are some of our main commitments for the next two years.

The event began with a speech by Monica Arellano, our Director of Environment and Sustainability, who highlighted the importance of companies, regardless of their size, implementing sustainability policies. “Sustainability is no longer an option. And not only because the regulations impose it, but also because it is the clients themselves who are beginning to demand certain certifications before starting to work with new suppliers. The current objective of companies should be to integrate sustainability into their business model”, said Monica. 

Laura García Gómez, head of Marketing and Communication and member of the Sustainability Committee, then gave a brief presentation of Euro-Funding’s ESG roadmap. The Sustainability Plan has been drawn up based on an analysis through interviews and surveys in which the main impacts and expectations of Euro-Funding’s stakeholders have been identified. With all this, we have defined six commitments to be developed between now and 2025:  

  • Responsible environmental management.
  • Promoting internal and customer innovation.
  • Fostering pride in belonging and improving talent retention.
  • Community development at a social level and incorporation into the world of work.
  • Transversal governance.
  • Favouring the ESG communication strategy. 

Laura also wanted to highlight that the 2023-2025 Sustainability Plan will be evaluated annually and communicated to society.

Repercussion in society and joint work with the groups involved.

One of the organisations with which we are collaborating is Hogar-Sí. Raquel Díaz Hurtado, head of Strategic Alliances at this foundation, also took part in the presentation event, explaining one of the initiatives that we have incorporated into our Sustainability Plan. This is a mentoring programme whereby company employees will guide people in the process of reintegration into the labour market in the preparation of a CV, job interviews, etc. 

The event ended with a discussion moderated by Mónica Arellano in which Raquel Díaz was able to talk with Susana Posada, vice-president of DIRSE (Spanish Association of Sustainability Managers) and Andrés Dulanto, editor-in-chief of the Agencia EFE. In this space for debate, Susana highlighted the change that has taken place in recent years from the point of view of companies when it comes to approaching sustainability: “We have to accelerate this sustainable transition in order to meet the EU objectives which, although they seem very long-term, require significant investment. And although the regulations are very important, it is more important to monitor them”. 

For his part, Andrés Dulanto, commented on how important it is to communicate and give visibility in the media to sustainability practices so that society sees it and is aware that “it is a reality and a necessity”.

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