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Essential tips for a successful European project

Essential tips for a successful European project Chiara Assirelli Chiara Assirelli Pandolfi holds a degree in Political Science with a specialisation in International Studies from the University of Naples Federico II (Italy), a Master’s degree in International Relations and Foreign Trade from the Compañía de Formación Empresarial (Madrid) and a postgraduate degree in Planning and ... Read more

International Day of Forests

International Day of Forests Carolina Moran Geographer with professional experience in the field of environmental consultancy, weather forecasting, aeronautical meteorology, steel industry and dissemination. Currently, she works as Project Manager in the Environmental & Sustainability department of Euro-Funding, where she develops technical projects and manages the processing of grants in the environmental sector, renewable energies, ... Read more

Main opportunities and challenges of the Decarbonisation PERTE Maria Victòria Palau Chemical engineer and Business Administration and Management graduate with more than 16 years of experience in the management and execution of projects in the area of innovation. Currently working as Key Account Manager of Euro-Funding. Settings Main guidelines and requirements for accessing funds On ... Read more

What are the most important grants for this year? Joan Ruescas Joan Ruescas Raga es Ingeniero en Química Industrial y Máster en Prevención de Riesgos Laborales (Seguridad, Higiene Industrial y Ergonomía), por la Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. Desarrolla su labor en Euro-Funding como Senior Project Manager, contando con más de 8 años de experiencia en ... Read more

How Europe helps innovative SMEs cooperating together EUROSTARS: helps collaboration between innovative SMEs and other partners across Europe and beyond The first EUROSTARS 2023 call is soon to open on February 10th. This co-fund programme is part of the EUREKA Network, and it is aiming at funding collaboration between at least two innovative SMEs present ... Read more

2023 funding opportunities to invest in the sustainable development PRIMA programme: funding research projects addressing Mediterranean region sustainability challenges The PRIMA programme 2023 calls just opened, it allows for research projects related to water, food security, sustainable agriculture and climate change mitigation in the Mediterranean region to submit their ideas to the first stage deadline ... Read more


Successful completion of one of our projects in Guatemala Laura Núñez Muñoz More than 20 years of general experience and, for the last 15 years, has managed projects funded by multilateral donors such as the EU, EIB, IDB, Swiss Secretariat for Economic Affairs, etc. She is currently head of implementation for multilateral projects at Eurofunding. ... Read more


PERTE for industrial decarbonisation approved PERTE for industrial decarbonisation approved The PERTE is approved with the aim of accompanying industry in its decarbonisation process to reduce its emissions and improve its energy efficiency with sustainable processes that improve its international competitiveness. The planned actions will be implemented between 2023 and 2026, although the projects could ... Read more

EIC Accelerator

European Innovation Council 2023 Challenges European Innovation Council 2023 Challenges The EIC Accelerator, like its predecessor the SME Instrument, is very well known for allowing to fund single entity bottom-up disruptive innovations, allowing to build future tech champions in Europe. In order to flag priority areas to be funded under this very competitive instrument the ... Read more

Cadastral value

Find out all the details about the Benchmark Value NEW REFERENCE VALUE The Treasury, through the General Directorate of Cadastre, determines with effect from 1 January 2022, a new value, apart from the cadastral value, called “reference value”. In 2022, it only affects residential real estate and rustic real estate without construction. It is expected ... Read more

Barriers digital transformation

What are the barriers to Digital Transformation in companies? WHAT FACTORS HINDER DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION IN MANY COMPANIES The success of the Digital Transformation of companies is a complex path and depends on many factors throughout the life of the project. This transformation is critical to maintaining your competitiveness in the marketplace and to your own ... Read more