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How to maximize success in EU grants management? Chiara AssirelliSettings UNDERSTANDING EU GRANTS Managing European Union (EU) grants effectively is crucial for organisations aiming to fund their projects or initiatives. EU grants are competitive and adhere to strict compliance and reporting standards. Success in managing these grants not only involves securing the funding but also ... Read more

How to Create Winning Proposals for the EU Mónica GarcíaSettings When it comes to securing funding from the European Union (EU), the competition is fierce. To emerge successfully from this challenging journey and obtain coveted European funding, applicants must be able to create winning proposals. Currently, there are various calls for proposals that affect a ... Read more

EU Projects Secures Funding for Two Remarkable Projects in Circular Bio-Based Industries Call Mónica GarcíaSettings A Competitive Landscape The new year has begun with a resounding success for EU Projects, as they proudly announce their achievement in securing funding for not one but two outstanding European projects as part of the Circular Bio-Based Industries (CBE) ... Read more

European Innovation Council Work Programme 2024 Elena PerezSettings It opens funding opportunities worth over €1.2 billion for strategic technologies and scaling up companies The European Innovation Council (EIC) has officially launched and adopted its much-anticipated work programme for 2024, outlining strategic goals, key performance indicators, and funding schemes aimed at fostering breakthrough technologies and supporting ... Read more

Digital Platforms in Central America Laura Núñez MuñozSettings MULTILATERAL PROJECTS TEAM From the Multilateral Projects unit, we have successfully concluded the management of the contract: “Technical Assistance Services in Customs Matters.” We initiated our Technical Assistance in August 2019, formally concluding in January 2023, with these additional months allocated to administrative and financial closure. Our ... Read more

New 2023 European decarbonisation Call for projects and hydrogen auction opens David García ArrateSettings Introduction On 23 November the European Commission opened two new calls aiming to support EU’s decarbonisation objectives:   The new 2023 Innovation Fund call for a total amount worth at least € 4 Bn.   The new auction pilot from the Hydrogen bank ... Read more

Code of conduct for consultants Carolina AragonesesSettings Euro-Funding Adheres to EIC’s New Code of Conduct for Innovation Consulting. The EIC board recently adopted a Code of Conduct for consultants who are advising applicants to apply to EIC calls, and in particular the EIC Accelerator. These are a set of ethical guidelines and principles designed to ... Read more

Europe seeks to continue leading in science and technology Elena PerezSettings EIC Europe’s commitment European Innovation Council (EIC) Tech Report 2023: An Overview  On October 25, 2023, the European Innovation Council (EIC) released a Tech Report aiming to take the lessons from EIC projects funded and assess technologies and sectors trends. The EIC’s mission is ... Read more

The field of research presents new challenges for the European Union Óscar SalazarSettings How the European Union is tackling its objective R&D investment data in Europe for the year 2021 has recently been published. The total investment of the European Union ( EU) in research and development was 331 billion euros, which is 6.9% more ... Read more

EU allocates € 6,6 Bn budget to fund transport infrastructures of the future David García Arrate xx Settings In a significant move towards advancing sustainable transportation and infrastructure development, the European Commission has announced the opening of a new call for projects under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Transport. This latest call, launched on 26 ... Read more

How will the return of UK in R&D programmes benefit the EU? Marie Latour x Settings THE RETURN OF THE UK TO HORIZON EUROPE Good news! A significant pathway for research is opening between the European and British scientific communities. Pending formal adoption by the European Council of the political agreement reached between the European ... Read more

Environmentally beneficial projects promoting sustainability through an overview of European funding opportunities for research, development, and innovation (R&D&I). It underscores the significance of tackling environmental challenges and spotlights key programs like Horizon Europe, LIFE, the Innovation Fund, and EUROSTARS. International collaboration and capitalizing on funding prospects are crucial in this context.