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We are experts in tax consultancy for large companies. We provide solutions in tax matters.

tax consultancy for companies

At Euro-Funding we have more than 20 years of experience in analysing the tax situation of thousands of entities. We work together with our clients in the development of a personalised tax planning and strategy in the area of the following taxes:

  • International VAT
  •  Corporate tax (tax deductions for R&D&I and for job creation for disabled workers).
  •  Taxation associated with real estate (IBI, IAE, ICIO, Plusvalía, etc.)

    We help our clients to identify risks, understand the regulatory basis of the different taxes and all the tax aspects that influence the daily operations of organisations.

How can we help your company in tax matters?

We have a team of tax consultants specialised in specific tax incentives and mechanisms to provide our clients with personalised advice on the different regulations that your company must comply with, but also those that you can benefit from. We reduce risks and save time in management. Our technology allows us to increase the success rate in the files analysed, achieving very significant savings and returns that help our clients to improve their bottom line.

We provide our clients with customised financial solutions that allow them to materialise the different financing instruments quickly and efficiently in accordance with their financial context (monetisation/cash-back, participation of private financial entities, endorsements and guarantees, generation of EIGs or subrogation of credits, among others).

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Guaranteed success in tax management


The Euro-Funding team, with extensive experience in the tax world, works on the optimization and advice on the following taxes. We also collaborate with our clients before any inspection, as well as sanctioning procedures in tax matters.

Real estate tax

We are experts in achieving tax savings in local and regional taxation with a remuneration model for success: IBI, IAE, ICIO, Plusvalía, etc.

We achieve significant improvements that help our clients improve their bottom line. 94% of our clients highlight the high level of specialisation of our technical team. Reducing the tax burden of your property is possible if you know how. We have technological platforms based on the latest trends in the sector using detection and geographical positioning systems and tools (ICT, GIS, BIM).

R&D Tax deductions

Tax benefits associated with the implementation of Research and Development (R&D) and Technological Innovation (TI) projects that reduce the payment of Corporate Income Tax by up to 42% of the expenses incurred. 

Under a model of remuneration for success, we have been advising for more than 20 years in the analysis and identification of projects, the generation of technical-administrative support documentation and the accreditation of the R&D&I nature of the projects through external entities.

Disability deduction​

Your company can deduct between 9,000 and 12,000 euros for each disabled worker hired. At Euro-Funding we encourage their integration into the labour market by offering our expertise in taxation to facilitate their recruitment.

We carry out an analysis of the documentation of disabled workers to ensure compliance with the requirements established in the applicable regulations for each tax period. We prepare a personalised technical report that supports the right to the deduction and provide assistance in the event of a tax review or inspection.

Foreign VAT ​

Euro-Funding collaborates with companies by advising them on their international operations and recovering foreign VAT. We anticipate the problems that may arise in international operations.

We identify possible taxation risks and assist companies during the process of refunding foreign VAT.

We act as a single point of contact for our clients in the Member States in which they do business. We have a wide international network of collaborators consisting of accountants, tax experts, lawyers, etc.

We provide support in the following areas:

Tax analysis and operational assistance with domestic and international VAT.
Direct contact with tax authorities.
Operational supervision of certain declaratory obligations, e.g. SDI in Italy or VCS in Slovakia.
Assistance in the implementation of international operations.
Preparation and submission of all required declarations.
Definition and maintenance of operational processes

Economic Interest Grouping​

Economic Interest Groupings (EIGs), also known as Tax Lease, arise when a company developing an R&D&I project cannot apply the tax deduction to its activity.

It is at that moment when the deduction is taken advantage of by transferring it to investors in charge of directly financing the activity. Always ensuring that the objectives of both parties are met.

  • Business, financial and tax advice
  • Investor identification
  • Support in the process of dissolution of the EIG.
  • Accreditation of the deduction with Motivated Reports and Preliminary Valuation Agreements
  • Intellectual property management




Materially executes the project. It does not have the possibility to take advantage of the deduction. It issues invoices to activities of economic interest for the execution of the project.

Receives direct financing for its project with a cash inflow in a few months. Does not require the constitution of guarantees and obtains a return of between 25 and 35% of the expenditure. You regain control of the project and intellectual property at the end of the project.


Provides funding to the project. Is a majority shareholder of the EIG

Reduces its IS tax liability by collecting negative tax bases of the AIE and the basis for the R&D deduction.

Cash Back​

The cash-back or tax cheque is an alternative for those entities that cannot apply the deduction for R&D&I activities either due to insufficient tax liability (negative result in corporate income tax) or due to exceeding the joint limit for the application of deductions.
This instrument makes it possible to request a refund of 80% of the deduction generated from the tax authorities, or to apply this amount directly to the adjusted total positive corporate income tax liability without any limit whatsoever.
This mechanism offers the possibility of benefiting more directly from the deduction, accelerating the return period of the R&D investment.

With cash back, they can also bring forward part of the deduction generated, favouring the company’s liquidity. A number of requirements must be met for the application of this instrument:

  • The deduction could not have been applied during one year.
  • To have a binding Reasoned Report
  • Maintain staff
  • Reinvest the applied or paid deduction


  • In general: €1 million for IT and €3 million for R&D&I.
  • Exceptionally for companies whose investment in R&D exceeds 10% of the net turnover for the year: 1 million euros for IT and 5 million euros for R&D&I.
  • Applicable to commercial group


Guaranteed success in obtaining grants and subsidies


We have a multidisciplinary team of architects, engineers, tax experts, lawyers, former tax inspectors, etc. spread across all our offices at national and international level. Our professionalism offers us a wide variety of cases in the tax treatment of companies studied, having achieved numerous cases of success in reducing their tax burden.


At Euro-Funding we have developed our own Integrated Management System consisting of: ISO 9.001 Quality, ISO 14.001 Environmental, ISO 50.001 Energy Management and Information Security Management 27.001.

We subscribe to the United Nations Global Compact in the areas of human rights, labour, environmental protection and anti-corruption, complying with the ten principles of the Compact, as set out in its Code of Ethical Conduct. 

We have been calculating and registering our Carbon Footprint in the Registry of the current Ministry for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge since 2014, maintaining a constant reduction of emissions.

We have the seal awarded by the Generalitat de Catalunya through ACCIÓ. It identifies professionals with the most suitable profile to offer personalised and expert support to companies through ACCIÓ’s aid programmes. 

Consolidated team

We have a multidisciplinary team of architects, engineers, lawyers and economists from different competent entities and other private sectors, distributed among our offices in A Coruña, Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid, Seville and Valencia.

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