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At Euro-Funding, we conduct sustainability consultancy with a strategic and systemic vision, aiming to boost companies, social and economic actors, in their performance across the three major areas of sustainability: environmental, social, and governance

Benefits of incorporating sustainable consultancy into your business

Sustainability consultancy enables our clients to generate financial profitability as well as create social and environmental value in the medium and long term, while also ensuring regulatory compliance. The incorporation of sustainability strategies and projects translates into benefits as a result of increased efficiency, cost reduction, enhanced competitiveness, innovation, and improved brand image and market positioning at a reputational level.

Positive environmental impact

Design and implementation of actions and practices that generate tangible benefits and improvements in the environment: establishing measurable and achievable goals and commitments, adopting environmental management measures and systems, designing emission reduction plans, implementing energy efficiency measures, optimizing resource management (raw materials, waste, energy, water), implementing responsible practices in the supply chain, coordinating conservation and restoration projects, and measuring environmental impact

Enhancement of corporate image

Through our sustainability consultancy services, we support our clients in enhancing their corporate image. Sustainable management of an organization translates into greater market differentiation, attraction and retention of talent, generation of trust in investors, long-lasting relationships with stakeholders, and mitigation of legal and reputational risks

Regulatory compliance

Another pillar of sustainability is regulatory compliance, governance, or compliance. To meet the growing regulations, we assist our clients in identifying the applicable legal framework, analysing national and European legislation, and designing action plans to meet regulatory demands.

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We collaborate with your company to identify opportunities and implement strategies

A sustainability consultancy advises companies on integrating sustainable practices into their operations and corporate strategies.

Through the identification of improvement opportunities, development of strategies, and monitoring of environmental and social impact.

From environmental impact analysis to the implementation of sustainability policies and sustainability training.

Through key performance indicators related to environmental, social, and economic impact.

The initial investment can be offset by long-term savings, enhanced corporate image, and regulatory compliance.

Discover your company’s potential

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    We collaborate with your company to identify opportunities and implement strategies.

    Our sustainability services

    Our services cover the three pillars of sustainability integrated from a strategic perspective. We support our clients in developing comprehensive strategies that include projects involving commitment to environmental management, emission reduction, and environmental impact measurement. Additionally, we identify and manage the social impact of the organization on its employees, supply chain, customers, and local communities. Finally, we design, alongside our clients, the action plans to meet regulatory requirements

    In Spain, the preparation of NFIS is mandatory under Law 11/2018 for companies with more than 250 people that meet the following criteria for two consecutive years:

    • More than 20 million € in assets (consolidated)
    • More than 40 million € in net annual turnover (consolidated)

    The law requires that such companies must draft, verify, and publish annually a document that includes significant information on environmental and social matters, personnel-related issues, respect for human rights, anti-corruption and bribery, and their relationship with society.

    At Euro-Funding, we support our clients in preparing their Non-Financial Information Statements and advise them on transitioning to the new Sustainability Reports to comply with the CSRD Directive, according to the following deadlines and scope of application:

    Public interest entities with more than 500 employees, subject to the NFRD, will submit reports in 2025 (for the fiscal year 2024)

    Large companies, whether listed or not, with more than 250 employees and/or a turnover of 40 million € and/or 20 million € in assets (large companies that are currently not subject to the NFRD, but are subject to Law 11/2018), will submit reports in 2026 (for the fiscal year 2025).

    Listed SMEs, small and non-complex credit institutions, and captive insurance companies will submit reports in 2027 (for the fiscal year 2026), with the option to delay until 2028.

    In 2029, third-country companies with at least one subsidiary or branch with a registered office in the European Union, or with a net turnover of more than 150 million € in the EU, must submit the report for the fiscal year 2028.

    At Euro-Funding, we prepare sustainability reports for our clients based on the indicators of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

    These reports are structured compilations of all the actions, initiatives, policies, and commitments of an organization in terms of sustainability. Their main goal is to communicate to stakeholders the results in ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) matters, as well as to help companies identify areas for improvement and set future performance targets.

    Generally, sustainability reports are voluntary in nature. The obligation to report is determined by European and local legislation. In the case of Spain, Law 11/2018, under the mandate of Directive (EU) 2014/95, establishes the companies that must prepare Non-Financial Information Statements (NFIS) and Directive (EU) 2022/2464 (CSRD- Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive), sets out the characteristics of the companies required to submit Sustainability Reports starting in 2024.

    One of our services is the development of sustainability plans. To do this, we analyze the current situation, needs, priorities, and objectives of our clients to determine the roadmap for the sustainability strategies to be implemented.


    Tailored design and personalized attention result in solutions with a high economic, social, and environmental impact.

    Contact our sustainability experts.

    Team and experience

    The Euro-Funding team, composed of over 200 people spread across various offices, has been collaborating with the business community for more than 20 years in its transformation towards more environmentally conscious activities.

    Euro-Funding boasts a multidisciplinary team that combines knowledge, vision, and methodology, with proven experience in the various types of projects we offer. Our specialists interact with clients, adding value from their area of expertise to ensure the anticipated results and deadlines are met.


    Because we practice what we preach, Euro-Funding has its own Integrated Management System, comprising the following standards:

    • Quality Management System ISO 9001
    • Environmental Management System ISO 14001
    • Energy Management System ISO 50001
    • Information Security Management System ISO 27001
    • Occupational Health and Safety Management Certificate ISO 45001.

    Furthermore, as a sign of commitment, we are signatories to the United Nations Global Compact and its ten Principles, as stated in our Code of Ethical Conduct.

    At Euro-Funding, we are aware of the importance of combating climate change. Therefore, in addition to calculating our clients’ carbon footprint, we have also calculated our own from 2014 to the present, maintaining a downward trend in emissions in our sixth year (2020). This has allowed us to reflect in the seal the shading of ‘CALCULATE’ and ‘REDUCE’.

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