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As at Euro-Funding we have different lines of collaboration and we want you to receive in your mailbox what really applies to your business, we have created groups by subject. Sign up for those that may interest you or in the general group where we provide you with a monthly summary.


By subscribing to this newsletter you will receive general information on all Euro-Funding services: public funding, tax reduction, strategies for a sustainable activity, reduction of operating costs, etc.

You will be the first to know about the events we are organising and the partnership agreements that will be signed to boost our activities.

You will also receive our monthly newsletter which summarises all the news published and the different initiatives launched.


Legislative changes, land registry revisions and updates to local regulations have a negative impact on many companies’ profit and loss accounts.

Knowing this information will allow you to apply these tax benefits and reduce your taxation related to taxes such as foreign VAT, real estate taxation (IBI, IAE, Capital Gains…) and Corporate Tax through tax deductions for R+D+i and deductions for job creation for disabled workers.


Find out the latest news on public funding lines and how a multitude of activities and business projects can benefit from them.

Not knowing about these European, national, regional or municipal aids means that millions of euros go unused every year.

There are millions of euros waiting for companies and administrations that are committed to being more competitive through innovation projects, industrial investments and different initiatives against climate change.


Be the first to find out about the regulatory changes related to the tax incentives available around R&D&I based projects.

Do you include your R&D expenses in your company’s balance sheet, do you assign intangible assets to clients or group companies, do you have research personnel and want to get a rebate on their Social Security contributions?

In this bulletin you will also find out about public aid aimed at financing innovative projects.


Increasingly, companies and administrations must dedicate part of their profits to reducing their environmental impact. Find out about the possibilities of financing these initiatives and the latest legal requirements related to your environmental projects such as the registration of your carbon footprint or the life cycle analysis of your products.

In this newsletter you will also receive information on public support for sustainability and circular economy activities.