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Million-dollar funding for sustainable projects in Europe

The LIFE 2023 call for proposals was launched on 18 April, with a budget of €611 million to fund projects, mainly related to the ambitious objectives of the European Green Deal. Most of the calls will close at the beginning of September this year. The LIFE programme is the only EU funding instrument dedicated exclusively to environment and climate action. To date, it has co-financed more than 5,500 projects across the EU and third countries.

For the period 2021-2027, the funding budget has increased by almost 60% to ¤5.4 billion. With this significant investment, the EU aims to accelerate progress and support even more ambitious projects that promote sustainable development, mitigate climate change and improve the environment across the EU.

Types of projects financed by the LIFE Programme

The LIFE Programme funds different types of projects:

  1. Standard Actions Projects (SAPs): These represent approximately 75% of the total budget and are the most common LIFE projects. They include demonstration, best practice, information and/or governance pilot projects that support EU environmental and climate change policies. In 2023, €66 million will be allocated to projects addressing climate change mitigation and adaptation, €81 million to the circular economy and quality of life, and €141 million to nature and biodiversity projects.
  2. Strategic Integrated Projects (SIPs): They help EU Member State authorities to implement environmental and climate plans, programmes and strategies at regional, multi-regional or national level. In 2023, €30 million will be allocated to climate change mitigation and adaptation projects, and €53 million to circular economy and quality of life projects.
  3. Projects addressing ad hoc Legislative and Policy Priorities (LPP): €15 million will be allocated to fund projects to support specific needs related to the development and implementation of EU environmental policy and legislation.
  4. Technical Assistance (TA) projects: These projects support preparatory activities for Strategic Integrated Projects (SIPS) in the field of nature and biodiversity, circular economy and quality of life, as well as the replication of results of previously funded LIFE projects. Capacity building is also provided to Member State authorities with little effective participation in the programme, with the aim of improving the services of National Contact Points across the EU. A budget of €6.5 million will be allocated for projects related to nature and biodiversity, and the circular economy and quality of life. In addition, 3 other themes are being prepared and will open on 2 May 2023.
  5. The European Union is expected to increase its investments in environmental and climate actions in the coming years, which is likely to keep these countries as the main beneficiaries of the LIFE Programme.

The LIFE Programme will continue to play a key role in driving environmental and climate initiatives across the EU in the coming years.



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