Biogas is once again at the heart of our future

Biogas is once again at the heart of our future THE RETURN OF BIOGAS In response to Europe’s new energy transition policies and the need to reduce dependency on foreign imports, the European Commission has recognized the potential of biogas as an indigenous bioenergy carrier. With Europe previously importing about 25% of its natural gas … Read more

Diseño y relevancia diseño ecológico en Horizon Europe

Definition and relevance of eco-design in europe

Defining the relevance of eco-design in Horizon Europe Media appearances Read article at Interempresas Read article at Residuos Profesional Read article at  Clima Noticias Read article at  Empresa Exterior Read article at Prosostenible Read article at Climaeficiencia Eco-design in Horizon Europe The growing dependence on products and services in the global economy leads to a … Read more

Cascading funding from European Union

Cascading fundingfrom European Union MORE SIMPLIFIED MECHANISM THAN PARTICIPATION IN EUROPEAN CALLS FOR PROPOSALS If you want to participate in European projects and you have not been able to join a consortium in time, it is not too late to participate in competitive cascade funding processes that provide funding to third parties (FSTP). The “Cascade … Read more