World recycling day

Día mundial del reciclaje

World recycling day​

Did you know that used napkins and kitchen paper should be thrown in the brown bin? And that used pens and felt-tip pens should be taken to a Punto Limpio?

As one of the objectives set for the year 2023 in our Environmental Management System ISO 14001, and on the occasion of World Recycling Day, Euro-Funding presents some quick tips to make a correct and responsible recycling of waste in our offices and raise awareness about the importance of reducing the amount of waste we generate and thus contribute to a more sustainable environment.

World recycling day

Keys to success in recycling waste correctly

  • For coffee or tea, use cups and glasses to replace the plastic or cardboard cups you may be given in cafés.
  • Reuse containers and bottles.
  • If you throw paper in the blue bin, remove the staples. They complicate the paper recycling process and consume more energy in the process.
  • And above all, use the available recycling bins correctly. 

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Code of conduct for consultants

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