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Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) refers to the complete study of the environmental impact that a product or service can generate in the different phases of its life, from the extraction of raw materials to the use and end of life of the product, once it has been discarded as waste. 

 In addition, Euro-Funding has the experience and resources to go further by providing other LCA related services such as Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) and Product Carbon Footprinting. 

analysis to quantify environmental impacts

At Euro-Funding we carry out an analysis to quantify the environmental impacts associated with a product or service, using the methodology for calculating the Life Cycle Analysis based on the UNE-EN-ISO 14040 and UNE-EN-ISO 14044 standards, these being the standards used on an international scale to quantify and manage environmental impacts. 

 We carry out the calculation from all approaches to the life cycle of the product or service, from cradle to grave (cradle-to-gate), cradle to door (cradle-to-door), or any other scope defined by the client. In addition, we study the impact categories relevant to the product or service and those required by the client, such as climate change, ozone layer damage, air pollution, abiotic deterioration, waste, human or freshwater toxicity, land occupation, etc. 

 This allows us to identify those processes whose contribution to environmental impact is significant within the life cycle, which is crucial to optimise their design from an environmentally responsible point of view. 

 We have a qualified, multidisciplinary technical team with extensive experience in carrying out the LCA. In addition, we have a software licence, specifically for LCA, called SIMAPRO from EcoInvent and access to commercial databases, providing both activity data and impact factors. In this case we use EcoInvent (one of the most widely used internationally) and we rely on public databases (European reference Life-Cycle Database) and specific geographic databases (IDAE, AGRAMA/MITECO, etc.). 



Adicionalmente al Análisis de Ciclo de Vida, desde Euro-Funding proporcionamos mayor o menor complejidad al servicio según las necesidades del cliente. Entre ellos se encuentra la Huella de Carbono de Producto donde aplicando la misma metodología que el ACV, se estudia únicamente la categoría de cambio climático, relacionada con la unidad funcional dedicada a las toneladas de dióxido de carbono equivalentes, desestimando el resto de categorías de impacto ambiental. 

Añadiendo complejidad, nos centramos en el servicio de la Declaración Ambiental de Producto, donde según la norma UNE-EN-ISO 14025 y las Reglas de Categoría de Producto, se calcula el ACV para su posterior verificación y concesión de una ecoetiqueta de tipo III. En este ultimo producto, al igual que el ACV, se estudian los impactos ambientales ocasionados por el producto o servicio estudiado. 

Our team will analyse your situation without obligation

Our team will analyse your situation without obligation

How can we help you?

  • Identification of processes with high environmental impact
  • Planning of environmental strategies
  • Functional comparison of equivalent products
  • Comparison of options in a new process
  • Selection of waste management alternatives
  • Image improvement and commercial marketing

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