How to reduce the cost of electricity

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Since 2015, companies with industrial (manufacturing) activity can apply a reduction of up to 85% of the taxable base of the Special Tax on Electricity, which allows a substantial reduction of the electricity bill.

Special tax on electricity

The Special Tax on Electricity is levied on electricity consumption and is reflected in the electricity bill. It is applied with the purpose of guaranteeing and promoting a responsible consumption of the limited resources of the natural environment.

We work under a philosophy of success, if we do not find savings there is no cost to the company.

We have generated around 1 M€ of economic savings for our clients in the Special Tax on Electricity with a success rate of 100%.

How can we help you?

  • Analysis of the activity to see the associated electricity consumption in each of the phases.
  • Elaboration of an energy balance (relation between energy input and output).
  • Identification of the phases in which the rebate can be applied and in what percentage.
  • Preparation of a technical report that is submitted to the Tax Agency for analysis and acceptance.
  • In case of being favorable, the rebate is applied retroactively from the moment the application was submitted.


Environmental Aids

Environmental aid is intended for the development of projects of general interest and is considered to be of social interest in the protection of the environment. For the purposes of the purposes of social interest in environmental protection, activities of social interest are understood to be all those activities derived

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Environmental risk analysis

Since October 2018 (Law 26/2007), companies must have a financial guarantee to enable them to meet the environmental liability inherent to the activity they carry out. This Law establishes that the amount of the financial guarantee will be determined on the basis of an Environmental Risk Analysis of the activity.

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Carbon footprint certificate

Para toda empresa que tenga en consideración la lucha contra el cambio climático debe empezar por medir su huella de carbono de organización o corporativa. La Huella de Carbono es el cálculo de la totalidad de gases de efecto invernadero (GEI) emitidos por efecto directo o indirecto por un individuo,

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Energy audit

The energy audit is an in-depth study of a building with the aim of revealing a number of energy saving and efficiency opportunities for the company. Ampliar información Environmental Aids Carbon footprint Life cycle analysis Energy audit Circular Economy Grants Environmental risk Management systems Sustainability Report Sustainability Plan ESG advice

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