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With the aim of promoting research into new technologies, Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI) was created, which consists of the acquisition by the Public Administration of technology developed by private companies.

The other fundamental actor is the innovative companies that develop the technology and the research organisations that will use a local public market as a reference client to promote innovation in an international scenario.

What is the innovative public procurement?

It is a tool that promotes innovation from a public sector perspective. This is done by importing solutions previously considered innovative or innovative in nature that are at an early stage of development.


  • Improving public services by incorporating innovative goods or services
  • Promote business innovation 

Stimulate the internationalisation of innovation by using the local public market as a launch or reference customer.

How can we help you in an innovative
public procurement process?

At Euro-Funding we are working on the definition of a Business-Public Administration ecosystem in order to promote the following objectives:

  • Encourage business innovation
  • Incorporate technologically pioneering products into Public Administration services.
  • Promote the internationalisation of innovation projects.

Our services focus on:

  • Reinforcing the financing of projects with public aid.
  • Accompanying them during tenders for the preparation of successful bids.

To private companies

We focus on promoting business innovation in private entities. We include technologically pioneering products in the services of companies and advise them on everything related to this tool. 

To the Public Administration

We collaborate with the Public Administration in the identification of the different innovative public procurement (IPP) needs it may have, and we accompany them throughout the process to ensure proper compliance with the regulatory framework. 


We advise you on the financing of your projects

Benefits of public procurement of innovation

  • Enables savings to be made
  • Process improvement: Allows public procuring companies to constantly question their processes and at the same time be able to look for new ways of doing things.
  • It has a greater impact than other instruments: Public Procurement of Innovation is an instrument that classifies within the policies for promoting innovation from the demand side, which have a greater impact than those innovation policies that focus on the supply side.

    Boosting open innovation: The introduction of systematic practices and the identification of challenges in public procuring entities help to generate mechanisms that allow the market to be consulted on possible solutions, which promotes open innovation in a very concise manner.


It is the public purchase of a good or service that does not exist at the time the purchase is made but which may be realised in the near future. The development of a new technology is essential to meet the requirements demanded by the purchaser. 

Management of unsolicited proposals

Unsolicited proposal management is defined as the action by which the proposer communicates with the public body to show the proposer a solution to a future need for a certain product or service that the proposer is willing to offer. Proposals of this type are often poorly prepared and usually consist of a single idea. They are difficult for the public purchaser to manage, and the intention of the proposer is usually to create that future need and to obtain funding or support from the public sector to develop the idea.


This is a procurement of R&D services fully remunerated by the contracting body, where the public purchaser does not reserve the R&D results for its own exclusive use, and is intended to seek solutions to future demands from the public sector in order to address needs for which there is no solution on the market. 

Good practices in PPI

The European Union details an outline that defines a series of actions for the successful execution of the innovative public procurement procedure, which we present below:

– Identification and planning of purchasing needs
– Analysing the market before launching the tendering process 
– Coordinating all stakeholders in the course of the procedure 
– Allowing the market to come up with creative and innovative solutions
– Consider the best value for money
– Use the advantages of electronic means
– Determine the management and sharing of risks
– Introduce contractual clauses to encourage innovation
– Detail and implement a contract monitoring and evaluation plan.
– Learn from experience for the future.

Why trust in Euro-Funding

Integrated management/ 360° : Support throughout the process

At Euro-Funding we offer support throughout the entire process of identifying, processing and justifying grants. If you have a project and you are looking for grants or subsidies to finance it, contact us and maximise the return on each project.

Around 200 engineers with financial training make up the Euro-Funding team, spread across all our offices in A Coruña, Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid, Seville and Valencia.

Network of partners

We carry out continuous institutional work in collaboration with different state and autonomous community bodies, economic agents, sectoral associations, business schools and technology centres.

These alliances involve different joint actions such as the preparation of sectoral reports and the holding of conferences all over the world. Our long experience in the world of public funding has allowed us to maintain a close relationship with the Administration and the bodies that manage the different public funds.


We develop a continuous institutional work collaborating with different state and autonomic organisms, economic agents, sectorial associations, business schools and Technological Centres.

At Euro-Funding we have developed our own Integrated Management System consisting of: ISO 9.001 Quality, ISO 14.001 Environmental, ISO 50.001 Energy Management and Information Security Management 27.001.


We are subscribed to the United Nations Global Compact in the areas of human rights, labour, environmental protection and anti-corruption, complying with the ten Principles of the Compact, as established in its Code of Ethical Conduct.


We have been calculating and registering our Carbon Footprint in the Registry of the current Ministry for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge since 2014, maintaining a constant reduction of emissions.


We have the seal awarded by the Generalitat de Catalunya through ACCIÓ. It identifies professionals with the most suitable profile to offer personalised and expert support to companies through ACCIÓ’s aid programmes. 

Carbon footprint

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