Tax benefits for
hiring research staff

Social security rebates and how to benefit from them


These bonuses are a savings instrument that allows companies to reduce a percentage of their social security contributions. This is the case of the bonuses for Research Personnel, which allow a reduction of up to 40% of the company’s Social Security contribution for common contingencies for personnel dedicated to R&D activities.

Nowadays there are consultancies and professionals with a long history and experience who can advise us on all these steps, which is a very beneficial tool that also promotes the access of certain groups to the labour market, favouring the recruitment of researchers while reducing the cost that this entails for the company.

At Euro-Funding we help you to analyse compatibility with other incentives, we carry out an economic-technical study to accredit the subsidy and we draw up a technical-economic report. We also take care of the management and processing of certificates and reasoned reports and provide specialised technical advice in the event of a possible inspection.



Code of conduct for consultants

Code of conduct for consultants Carolina AragonesesSettings Euro-Funding Adheres to EIC’s New Code of Conduct for Innovation Consulting. The EIC board recently adopted a Code

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