Summary webinar: Cluster 5 Climate,
Energy and Mobility

What is the Horizon Europe programme about?

Horizon Europe, the new Framework Programme of the European Union, a continuation of the H2020 programme, has as one of its thematic priorities the promotion of technologies in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals and the strategic agendas associated with climate change, all under a new strategy divided into thematic clusters.

From Euro-Funding we do not want to miss the opportunity to explain you what some of these clusters of the new framework programme related to “digital industry and space”, “health” and “climate, energy and mobility” are going to consist of. So on 24 March we organised a webinar in which we gave a first approach to the calls and resolved all possible doubts about the new Horizon Europe framework programme, focusing on the explanation of Cluster 5 associated with climate, energy and mobility.

During the session, we explained what Horizon Europe consists of, detailing each of the three pillars that make it up (excellent science, global challenges and European industrial competitiveness, innovative Europe).

We then reviewed the three areas of intervention on which Cluster 5 focuses (energy, climate and mobility) and detailed the relationship that this cluster has with other parts of the framework programme. Once this point was explained, each of the topics of Cluster 5 were discussed and finally the different partnerships that are currently being formed by the commission related to the priority themes of Cluster 5 were discussed.



EU allocates € 6,6 Bn budget to fund transport infrastructures of the future

In a significant move towards advancing sustainable transportation and infrastructure development, the European Commission has announced the opening of a new call for projects under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Transport. This latest call, launched on 26 September, is set to bolster cross-border transport connectivity and support the European Union’s vision for a greener and more integrated transport system. The call is now inviting project proposals, with the submission period scheduled to close on 30 January 2024.

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Environmental projects that enhance sustainability.

Environmentally beneficial projects promoting sustainability through an overview of European funding opportunities for research, development, and innovation (R&D&I). It underscores the significance of tackling environmental challenges and spotlights key programs like Horizon Europe, LIFE, the Innovation Fund, and EUROSTARS. International collaboration and capitalizing on funding prospects are crucial in this context.

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