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At Euro-Funding we are aware that one of our main pillars is the people who make up the company. Through our team, we manage to provide the best service day after day to the organisations we work with. Therefore, throughout the year, Euro-Funding’s Human Resources department organises various training courses with which we work closely to align the work of each individual person and achieve excellence in the services we offer.

We have been lucky enough to collaborate with the company Marcom Deli, specialists in the area of Human Resources who have extensive experience helping to improve the functioning of companies through the development of their professionals and teams. Marcom Deli is based on a model that aims to integrate personality theories with communication techniques and apply them to improve performance.

In this way, the insights Discovery training workshop took place in one of our centres, a programme in which different members of the different Euro-Funding delegations were able to participate.

Throughout this training, Elisardo from Marcom Deli, helped our team to work on topics such as self-knowledge aimed at understanding the needs and offering more personalised solutions to our client portfolio. The day served as a space for the personal development of each of the employees as well as a meeting place for Euro-Funding branding among the participants.



Environmental projects that enhance sustainability.

Environmentally beneficial projects promoting sustainability through an overview of European funding opportunities for research, development, and innovation (R&D&I). It underscores the significance of tackling environmental challenges and spotlights key programs like Horizon Europe, LIFE, the Innovation Fund, and EUROSTARS. International collaboration and capitalizing on funding prospects are crucial in this context.

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