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The Single Market Programme (SMP) covers the single market, the competitiveness of enterprises, including small and medium-sized enterprises, the area of plants, animals, food and feed, and European statistics.

Eligible actions

The Internal Market: The SMP aims to ensure that citizens and businesses enjoy the benefits of the Internal Market and, through a range of tools, ensure that they are aware and able to exercise rights and take full advantage of opportunities. 

Effective standards: the SMP will provide financial support to organisations developing standards at European level to ensure that products and services meet an agreed level of quality and safety.

Competitiveness (particularly of SMEs): The SME chapter of the SMP will provide various forms of support to businesses, in particular SMEs.

Protecting consumers: the SMP helps to ensure that products on the market are safe and that consumers are aware of the rules, and helps national authorities to work together efficiently and communicate quickly.

Food safety: Through the Food Strand, the SMP will prevent, control and eradicate animal diseases and plant pests, support sustainable food production and consumption and improved animal welfare, and improve the effectiveness, efficiency and reliability of official controls.

European Statistics: The SMP will provide funding to national statistical institutes for the production and dissemination of high quality statistics to monitor the economic, social, environmental and territorial situation, thus providing evidence-based decision-making in the EU and measuring the impact of EU initiatives.


Opening date

Next deadline

Deadline model


Support to Ukrainian entrepreneurs- Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

28 February 2023

11 May 2023


Support to Ukrainian companies to integrate into the Single Market

28 February 2023

27 April 2023


Scope: Europe

Budget: 4,200,000,000€

Organismo: Comisión europea.

Nature of project: Business Development

All kinds of companies

Direct and indirect expenses related to the scope of the eligible projects