Interregional Instrument for Investment in Innovation

The I3 instrument aims to promote innovation through smart specialization and interregional collaboration. It must bring together researchers, companies, civil society and public administrations involved in smart specialization strategies established at national or regional level. Chapters The calls for projects are organized under 2 chapters: Strand 1: Support for investments in interregional innovation projects in … Read more

Widera Work Programme

This horizontal pillar is transversal and complementary to all the financing schemes in Horizon Europe and other European financing programs. Objetive This program aims to promote the exchange and networking of researchers and scientific institutions to mitigate the uneven distribution of R&D capacities within the EU. To achieve these objectives, the following financing programs exist: … Read more

EIC Accelerator

The European Commission launches the funding programs of the European Innovation Council (EIC). The most interesting program for SMEs is undoubtedly the Accelerator, since it is the first financing instrument that combines the already existing non-refundable grants (up to €2.5 M in the form of “Grants”), with the access to venture capital for a value … Read more

Cluster 4: Digital, Industry and Space

The general objective of Cluster 4 is to strengthen the competitiveness of European technologies and give confidence to its industry Areas of intervention Manufacturing technologies. Key digital technologies, including quantum technologies. Emerging enabling technologies. Advanced materials. Artificial intelligence and generation internet. Advanced computing and big data. Circular industries. Clean industries, with low carbon emissions. … Read more

Cluster 3: Civil security for society

This cluster aims to overcome the challenges arising from security threats, both natural and man-made disasters as well as cyber. Eligible actions Disaster-resilient societies Protection and security Cybersecurity Open call deadlines Name Opening date Next deadline Deadline model Link Onsite digital technologies to monitor nutrients and chemical or biological stressors in soil and plants with … Read more

Cluster 2: Culture, creativity and inclusive society

This cluster 2 aims to reinforce European democratic values, including the rule of law and fundamental rights, safeguard our cultural heritage and promote socio-economic transformations that contribute to inclusion and growth. Eligible actions Destination – Innovative Research in Democracy and Governance. Destination – Innovative Research on European Cultural Heritage and Cultural and Creative Industries. Destination … Read more

European Institute of Innovation and Technology

The EIT strengthens Europe’s ability to innovate, compete with its foreign partners and thus create jobs and wealth. Eligible actions It brings together the three main players in business innovation, education and research to create dynamic multinational associations: the so-called Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KIC), which: Develop innovative products and services They create new companies … Read more

Missions Horizon Europe

Within Horizon Europe, the concept of Missions has been implemented. A mission is a portfolio of actions across disciplines aimed at achieving a bold, inspiring, and measurable goal within a set time frame, with impact for society and policymaking, as well as relevance to a significant portion of the population. Union and a wide range … Read more

Cluster 1: Health

It is where the most competitive projects are included, the classic collaborative projects from previous Framework Programs and which bring together researchers, companies, research centers and universities. Eligible actions Personalized medicine. Conditions of the environment on health and how we affect the environment. Address the European Health Plan “One Health” against microbial resistance. Open call … Read more