Partnership agreement
for the financing of projects


New partnership agreement with Axis Corporate

We have signed a collaboration agreement with the international business consulting firm Axis Corporate, specialists in advising companies and organisations to accelerate their business growth through transformation.

With this agreement, companies will benefit from personalised advice in the search for external funding to boost their transformation projects – digitalisation, green transition, resilient infrastructure, innovation, etc. – through the Next Generation EU Funds (Recovery and Resilience Mechanism, React-EU, HorizonEU, InvestEU, etc.) and/or the traditional lines of European and national funding and aid (Innovation Fund, Fast Track to Innovation, LIFE, HORIZON, ERDF, ESF, EAFRD, FEMP, BBI-JU, etc.).

Within the framework of this strategic alliance, we will carry out different actions for the dissemination of the agreement, such as the publication of studies, the organisation of information sessions or the development of different events. Thus, the client companies of the two consultancy firms will be able to learn first-hand about all the new developments to carry out a global transformation of the company and the necessary information to obtain subsidies and/or loans from public funds.

With more than 20 years of experience, Euro-Funding is a consultancy firm specialised in providing economic improvements in the profit and loss account through: public financing for innovative companies, positioning and obtaining funds in the European environment, analysis of real estate taxation, purchasing consultancy, energy saving measures and management of international cooperation projects.


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