Learn about the benefits of hiring
staff with disabilities

how to obtain the maximum possible tax savings by employing people with disabilities

People with disabilities face a multitude of difficulties every day that hinder their development in life. Social, physical or communication barriers prevent the most vulnerable and exposed groups in society from fully integrating into society even today. But are companies fighting to change this and are they increasingly committed to hiring people with disabilities and thus promoting their inclusion in the labour market?

In the following article, published in the media El Mundo Financiero and Mujer Emprendedora, we talk about the benefits of hiring people with disabilities.

The Corporate Income Tax Law (LIS) regulates the deduction for job creation for workers with disabilities, which allows a deduction of €9,000 or €12,000 for each worker hired, depending on their degree of disability. In order to collaborate in this purpose, there are benefits in the form of Social Security bonuses and tax deductions in the Corporate Tax. These incentives help companies to incorporate people with disabilities into their workforce.

In order to obtain all these benefits, many companies choose to turn to experts for advice in order to obtain the maximum tax savings.  At Euro-Funding, we advise you on the analysis of the disabled workers hired with the aim of obtaining the maximum possible tax savings.


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