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The current global economic situation after the COVID-19 pandemic, the increase in the price of electricity and the lack of raw materials added to the war between Russia and Ukraine, have impacted on many companies that have been forced to close their businesses and many others continue to operate with serious difficulties, facing new challenges and situations that threaten to break their economic stability on a daily basis.

Our colleague María Victoria Palau, Key Account Manager at Euro-Funding, explains in the following article how to improve your company’s liquidity and what measures can help companies to achieve this. Undoubtedly, one of the things that businesses are most concerned about today is knowing how to save expenses and reduce costs that allow them to obtain the maximum possible profit and thus be able to increase their financial liquidity to continue growing.

There is a wide variety of tools, sometimes unknown to the public, thanks to which companies can reduce costs and increase income associated with their activity, but knowledge and access to them is neither simple nor intuitive, which is why it is advisable to be advised by experts in the field who monitor and accompany you throughout the process.

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