Horizon Europe Pilar I: Research infrastructures

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Research infrastructures are facilities that provide resources and services to research communities to conduct research and foster innovation.

They can be used beyond research, e.g. for education or public services and can be one-way, distributed or virtual.

Eligible actions

Reduce fragmentation of the research and innovation ecosystem
avoid duplication of efforts
better coordinate the development and use of research infrastructures
establish strategies for new pan-European, well-established, intergovernmental or national research infrastructures

Ambit: Europe

Budget: 2406 M€

Application deadline: Calls will be opened from 2021 to 2027

Organization: European Comission

Nature of the projec: R&D

Any type of organization can apply for funding from Horizon Europe as long as it has the operational and financial capacity to carry out the tasks it proposes.

Direct and indirect costs 

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