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Spain will receive a total of 140 billion in aid from the European Union (EU) out of the total 750 billion approved. The aim of this injection of capital, known as Next Generation, is to overcome the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. But there are more funds in parallel.

This is the case of the new multiannual European framework for innovation funding, which is expected to include the Life and Innovation Fund calls and also the framework programme for investment in research and innovation (R&D) called Horizon Europe. The aim is to support business development of R&D projects. The programme will run from 2021 to 2027. It has a budget of 100 billion euros, only 40 billion euros less than that included in Next Generation for Spain, although in this case we are talking about a longer award period (70% of Next Generation grants will be awarded between this year and next year) and for the entire EU. Brussels wants to have greater control over this type of financing and, above all, to obtain a return on investment. To this end, it will promote the dissemination of R&D results from EU-funded projects so that they can be exploited by third parties in specific cases. Brussels will launch the Horizon Results Platform. Its aim is to find promoters for EU-funded R&D projects. In fact, ideas that have not been commercially exploited after one year will be obliged to publish their results on the platform. The platform will show both the results of these projects and the explanation of the requirements for their successful economic exploitation. The formula for the exploitation of commercially unsuccessful results involves the help of other companies or consortia. The corporations involved will have to negotiate agreements concerning the sharing or assignment of the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) of each idea, among other things. The Horizon Results Platform will be available on a European scale. Unexploited Spanish projects can be used by actors in other countries, and vice versa.

The results of projects funded with Horizon Europe funds can also be exploited by individuals – not only by companies, investors or consortia. The platform can not only be used by companies or investors. It also provides for the possibility for individuals to make use of R&D funded by European funds. This action to involve citizens is part of the Open Science concept promoted by the European Union. It consists of achieving better dissemination and exploitation of research and innovation results by actively supporting and encouraging the participation of experts and civil society in R&D projects financed with European funds.

At Euro-Funding we develop financing maps for each project by analysing the different public calls for subsidies and credits at regional, state and European level. Our technical team analyses the investment plans to develop a tailor-made financing scenario.



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