European Union Innovation
Scoreboard 2022

European Union Scoreboard 2022

EU’s 2022 innovation scoreboard was unveiled yesterday. Here are some key highlights of this year’s scoreboard:

  • EU’s innovation performance has grown by about 10% since 2015.
  • Compared to 2021, innovation performance in 2022 has improved for 19 Member States, and declined for eight.
  • Compared to the EU average, global competitors such as Australia, Canada, Republic of Korea, and the United States continue having a performance advantage over the EU. Nevertheless, the EU has closed its performance gap with these nations and has surpassed Japan since 2021.

On 22 September the European Commission published its annual innovation scoreboard, it provides a comparative analysis of innovation performance in EU countries, other European countries, and regional neighbours. It helps countries assess the relative strengths and weaknesses of their national innovation systems and identify challenges that they need to address.

There are four categories of innovators according to the scoreboard:

  • Leading innovators
  • Strong innovators
  • Moderate innovators
  • Emerging innovators

In the map below one can find the type of innovator each EU country belongs to:

In terms of performance evolution EU countries are evolving differently: Performance of EU Member States’ innovation systems in 2022 compared to 2015 and 2021.

We can see that some countries did not observe a significant progress such as Bulgaria, Ireland Slovenia or Slovakia. While some others have made significant progresses way above the EU average since 2015 : Cyprus, Estonia and Greece (over 20 points improvement), followed by Lithuania, Czech Republic, Finland, Italy, Belgium and Croatia (between 15 and 20 points improvement in seven years)


We see that the divide among EU member States remain strong, even if there are some progresses from some emerging and moderate innovator countries.

In July this year the European Commission published its communication on the New European Innovation Agenda , aiming at, amongst others, accelerating and strengthening innovation in European Innovation Ecosystems across the EU. The EU wants to support the creation of regional innovation valleys and help Member States and regions direct at least EUR 10 billion to concrete interregional innovation projects. It will also support Member States to foster innovation in all regions through the integrated use of cohesion policy and Horizon Europe instruments.

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