European Research Council (ERC)

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ERC is a body with the aim of promoting quality research with competitive funding and supporting cutting-edge research in all research fields in Europe.

Eligible actions

  • Support the best scientific work in Europe in all fields of science, scholarship and engineering
  • Promote “bottom-up” cutting-edge research, fully driven by the researchers themselves
  • Promote the work of the best research managers already established and the next generations in Europe
  • Reward innovative proposals, based on the quality of the idea rather than the research area
  • Take advantage of the diversity of European research talent and channel funds towards the most promising or distinguished researchers
  • Improving the status and visibility of European cutting-edge research and the best current and future researchers
  • Placing excellence at the center of European research


Opening date

Next deadline

Deadline model



08 December 2022

23 May 2023



20 October 2022

20 April 2023

multiple cut-off

Scope: Europe

Budget: 16004 M€

Organism: European Comission

Nature of the project: R&D

Any type of organization can apply for funding from Horizon Europe as long as it has the operational and financial capacity to carry out the tasks it proposes.

Direct and indirect costs related to the nature of the project.