EU allocates € 6,6 Bn budget to fund transport infrastructures of the future

In a significant move towards advancing sustainable transportation and infrastructure development, the European Commission has announced the opening of a new call for projects under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Transport. This latest call, launched on 26 September, is set to bolster cross-border transport connectivity and support the European Union’s vision for a greener and more integrated transport system. The call is now inviting project proposals, with the submission period scheduled to close on 30 January 2024.

Enhancing European Connectivity

The CEF Transport program is part of the wider European Union’s Connecting Europe Facility, which aims to foster seamless, efficient, and sustainable connectivity across the continent. This new call for projects reinforces the commitment to creating a well-connected Europe with robust and eco-friendly transportation networks.

The key objectives of the 2024 CEF Transport call are:

  1. Sustainable Mobility: The call places a strong emphasis on projects that promote sustainable transportation modes such as rail, waterborne transport, and clean energy solutions. This includes support for electrification and hybridization of transport.
  2. Cross-Border Connectivity: Projects that enhance cross-border infrastructure, removing bottlenecks, and promoting interoperability between different transport modes are encouraged.
  3. Digitalization: The call promotes the integration of digital technologies in transport infrastructure and services, enabling smarter and more efficient transportation solutions.
  4. Safety and Security: Ensuring the safety and security of transport networks remains a fundamental goal of this initiative.

Application and Evaluation Process

The new 2023 CEF Transport call will allocate call over € 6,6 Bn funding for projects based on the following priorities:

  1. 65% of the budget will be directed towards projects on the Core Network Corridors. These are key routes identified to improve the fluidity and connectivity of European transport.
  2. 35% of the budget will be available for projects outside the Core Network Corridors, designed to enhance the overall transport network.

This amount completes an ongoing call for Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Facility which opened in 2021 and will allocate this year € 525M to deploy fast charging infrastructures, to support the roll-out of hydrogen refuelling infrastructure or the LNG bunkering for maritime and inland ports. This call is due to call in November 2023, while the new one is opened until end January 2024.

Participating in the CEF Transport call presents several advantages for both public and private entities involved in the transport sector:

  1. Financial Support: Successful projects will receive funding, reducing the financial burden on project sponsors and fostering innovation.
  2. Enhanced Connectivity: Projects can significantly improve transportation connectivity, making it easier and more efficient to move goods and people across Europe.
  3. Environmental Impact: Focusing on sustainability means that projects will have a positive environmental impact, aligning with the EU’s commitment to combat climate change.
  4.  Economic Growth: The improved transport networks will contribute to economic growth by facilitating trade and promoting business development.

The launch of the new CEF Transport call presents a valuable opportunity for organisations and authorities across Europe to contribute to the realisation of a more connected and sustainable transport system. With a submission deadline in January 2024, interested parties should act swiftly to put forward projects that support the key priorities of the program. By doing so, they can play a pivotal role in shaping the future of European transportation, making it more efficient, eco-friendly, and interconnected.



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