Energy efficiency
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Energy efficiency services for companies

How to perform an energy audit? How to perform an Environmental Risk Analysis? How to implement an Energy or Environmental Management System? How to calculate the Carbon Footprint of organization or product?There are more and more obligations to be fulfilled by companies, either in industry or in the tertiary and construction sectors, which require the support of a specialized consultancy.

In 2016, RD 56/2016 came into force, requiring large companies to carry out energy audits to identify energy consumption at the national level and to audit those installations that exceeded 85% of consumption, with the aim of identifying opportunities for efficiency improvements energy. In short, to be able to produce the same thing, but with less energy consumption. More and better. There is to take into account that financial tools have come out so that companies can implement these improvements, without carrying out any investment, through the figure of the Energy Services Company (ESE).

Implementation of Management Systems Enviromental

Law 26/2007, of 23 October, on Environmental Responsibility establishes in Annex III the activities that must have a financial guarantee that allows them to meet the environmental responsibility inherent in the activity they carry out. This Law establishes that the amount of the financial guarantee will be determined on the basis of the analysis of the environmental risks of the activity. Order APM/1040/2017 and Order TEC/1023/2019 established the schedule as from which the constitution of such a guarantee will be required financial guarantee.

On the other hand, apart from legal obligations and already focused on improving and obtaining greater competitive recognition, we provide support for the implementation of Environmental Management Systems, in accordance with ISO 14001 and the EMAS Regulation, as well as Management Systems Energy, according to ISO 50001. In parallel, we help companies to calculate their Organization Carbon Footprint, according to ISO 14064, and to perform Life Cycle Analyses, according to ISO 14040.

All these procedures require a broad understanding of the regulations and expertise to apply them optimally. In short, it is time that companies, concerned about their day-to-day work, do not have, being overwhelmed to be able to first know what applies to them, and then to ensure compliance.

For this reason it is advisable and, in many cases, essential to have a specialized consultancy. Someone who knows the company’s CNAE, its energy consumption, its production process, its concerns, its facilities, can anticipate and warn of new regulations or opportunities detected and provide the necessary support for compliance and accompaniment at any stage you need.

At this point, it must be a team that is constantly updated to keep up to date with the regulations in force at any given time, be trained in and offer knowledge and experience to customers. The key is to have a multipurpose and specialized team that can offer the necessary resource for each service and need that the company has at any time.



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