Covid 19 Official


The coronavirus is an unprecedented challenge that requires from us a strong answer that provides security to our professionals and customers.

In order to adapt ourselves to the situation and to continue offering quality/operational standards in the service to our clients, since February 25th we have a Crisis Committee formed by several people from Euro-Funding who permanently monitor the situation and take the appropriate decisions.

An Action Protocol has been implemented which includes different safety actions in line with the guidelines of the World Health Organization:

  • Allow employees to organize themselves flexibly sothey can work from home
  • Travel has been restricted as much as possible and it is recommended to avoid physical meetings and replaced it by telephone or video calls.
  • We have also adapted our way of working, meetings and briefings with our clients will also be enhanced by telephone or video call.
  • Provide all the usual hygiene requirements for hand washing, etc.,
  • Establish a process for all employees who have been in risk areas report and quarantine 14 days after contact.

Our working conditions will be reviewed daily and updated according to official communications from public agencies about the coronavirus situation.

All the measures, of course, guaranteeing the same quality standards as usual in our services and customer care. The communications on new public calls and news of interest on our activity will remain active without modification.

You can contact us through the mail or our contact page.



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