Corporate income
tax changes in 2022

COrporate income tax changes

Our colleague Mana Perez , Key Account Manager of Euro-Funding, explains in an interview on Radio Intereconomía the main novelties that have been introduced in the Corporate Income Tax for the year 2022. We can summarize in three aspects that will have the greatest impact on the next corporate tax settlement:

  1. Introduction of a minimum tax rate of 15% on the taxable base for those companies with a turnover of over 20 million euros, or those taxed under the tax consolidation regime.
  2.  Approval of the new Start-up Law. This law includes the figure of emerging companies. These emerging companies are going to have a deduction in the corporate income tax, which should undoubtedly be one of the incentives for attracting talent and investment in our country.
  3. Change in relation to the recovery of pending tax incentives from previous years. This change will force companies to make a more exhaustive analysis of the tax incentives they may consider.

It is absolutely necessary for companies to carry out a tax planning, since it is necessary to be able to plan how the structure and the tax settlement they are going to have is going to be.

From Euro-Funding we analyze the taxation associated with the properties and the economic activities that are carried out in them to determine the possibilities of reduction of: IBI, IAE, ICIO, Plusvalía (IIVTNU), etc.

We are experts in achieving tax savings in local and regional taxation with a model of remuneration to success. 97% of our clients highlight the high specialization of our technical team. Reducing the tax burden of your real estate is possible if you know how.




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