Co – Programmed, Co-funded, Institutionalised

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Eligible actions

Partnerships co-funded with a fairly centralized mix of EU and national funding sources, public and/or other R&I funding sources.
Co-programmed partnerships between the EU, Member States/Associate Countries and/or other stakeholders, based on MoUs or contractual agreements between partners, Institutionalized partnerships should be implemented only when other parts of the Horizon Europe work programme, including other forms of European associations.

Ámbito: Europe

Presupuesto: 25 bn€

Plazo de solicitud: Calls will be opened from 2021 to 2027

Organismo: European comission

Naturaleza de proyecto: R&D

EAny type of organization can apply for funding from Horizon Europe as long as it has the operational and financial capacity to carry out the tasks it proposes.

Direct and indirect costs

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