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the PERTE Agroalimentario


The Council of Ministers has approved the Strategic Project for the Recovery and Economic Transformation (PERTE) of the agri-food sector, a set of measures that benefit companies and self-employed workers in the sector by generating synergies. The actions of this project will be based on the following strategic lines:

  • Boosting the technological transformation of the entire sector.
  • Deepening the supply of healthy, safe and wholesome food.
  • Improving the dimension and social cohesion of the agri-food sector.
  • Promoting the development of a circular economy and reducing the environmental impact of the agri-food system.


  • Axis 1: Specific support package for the agri-food industry, with 400 million euros to improve crop production processes and ensure greater food traceability, which will directly affect consumers.
  • Axis 2: Specific measures to support the process of digital adaptation and to extend it to all the agents that form part of the value chain (farmers and livestock farmers and their cooperatives, small and medium-sized production, processing and marketing companies), with a budget of 454.35 million euros. In addition, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food will promote the Farming Information System (SIEX), which will “simplify” the relationship between farmers and livestock farmers and the administration.
  • Axis 3: Specific measures to support new lines of research (R+D+i)

impact in the spanish economy

The agri-food sector contributes almost 10% to GDP and is made up, for the most part, of small and medium-sized companies. This PERTE will have an impact of 3,000 million euros on the national accounts, the creation of 16,000 jobs is expected and it will have a public investment of about 1,000 million euros until 2023. This aid package will reinforce triple sustainability (economic, social and environment) of the agri-food sector, increasing the safety and health of agri-food supplies and accelerating the decarbonization of the agricultural sector to minimize its climate impact.

In addition to these impacts, the PERTE will generate positive effects on the economy as a whole derived from the creation of new business models and opportunities, the new job opportunities generated by the actions linked to the PERTE, as well as the savings generated in the productive fabric, domestic economies and public budgets.



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