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The integration of management systems allows companies to optimize their resources, reduce costs and improve productivity, generating a complete and integrated organization.


At Euro-Funding we accompany our clients throughout the process of designing a management system and support its implementation within the organisation, guaranteeing the required quality standards and covering the identified needs. 

 We focus on three fundamental pillars that guarantee the success of the project: 

1. Design and preparation of the documentary support for the management system.

2. Training of personnel to guarantee complete knowledge

3.Accompaniment and support in the implementation of the management system.

4. Internal audits and external verification support. 

These management systems are based on the standards developed by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), which allow continuous improvement in the organisations where they are implemented, contributing to a quality, sustainable and efficient development, where each element of the organisation acts taking into account the rest: 

ISO 14001: Environmental Management System 

ISO 50001: Energy Efficiency Management System 

ISO 9001: Quality Management System 

ISO 166002: R&D+ Management Systems

We help you in the implementation of a management system

Benefits of a management system

  • Improved image and relationship with clients and the Public Administration.
  • Improving the organization’s ability to react to new needs or expectations.
  • Ensuring compliance with legislation and reducing the risk of accidents.
  • Ensuring continuous improvement with monitoring of indicators
  • Improved internal and external communication
  • Synergy between systems
  • Simplification of documentation and reduction of operating costs
  • Optimization of personnel training through process integration


Sustainability Plan

Many companies today need to develop a sustainability plan if they want to effectively combat relevant issues such as climate change and greenhouse gas emissions. The elaboration and development of a corporate sustainability plan helps companies to have a better public image, greater efficiency and better brand representation. Ampliar información

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Sustainability Report

The sustainability report is the main tool available to companies to communicate, on a voluntary basis, their performance or impact in environmental, social and corporate governance matters. The information included in the sustainability report is relevant for both internal and external stakeholders (customers, suppliers and/or potential investors). Ampliar información Environmental

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Circular Economy Grants

From Euro-Funding we collaborate in obtaining these grants aimed at promoting the eco-design of new products, improving waste management, and promoting digitisation in our country.  These grants aim to promote major initiatives that favour the transformation of the Spanish economy towards a circular production model that is more sustainable, efficient

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Environmental Aids

Environmental aid is intended for the development of projects of general interest and is considered to be of social interest in the protection of the environment. For the purposes of the purposes of social interest in environmental protection, activities of social interest are understood to be all those activities derived

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Environmental risk

Since October 2018 (Law 26/2007), companies must have a financial guarantee to enable them to meet the environmental liability inherent to the activity they carry out. This Law establishes that the amount of the financial guarantee will be determined on the basis of an Environmental Risk Analysis of the activity.

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ESG advice and sustainable finance

The need for non-financial information of users, in particular investors, is growing, and has been accelerated especially in the last five years, on the one hand to better understand the financial risks arising from the climate crises and on the other hand by the pressure received to increase the number

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