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Ecodesign involves incorporating environmental criteria in the conception and development phase of each product, trying to take preventive measures in order to reduce environmental impacts in the different phases of its life cycle.


Euro-Funding offers a technical consulting service for the implementation of a new economic and production system based on an ecological model.

Always without compromising important factors for the company such as price, functionality, safety or quality, it is possible to consider the environmental factor as another requirement of the product and with the same importance as other factors such as cost, safety or quality.

Applying ecodesign in a company, either in its products or in the installation, means obtaining a series of benefits beyond the strictly environmental ones. Some of these benefits are described below:

  • Increasing product quality
  • Improve a production process
  • Obtain a cost reduction
  • Increasing the company’s power of innovation.
  • Responding to market and customer demand
  • Improve the company’s image
    Product innovation and therefore differentiation in the market.


  • DELIVER: Transport products efficiently
  • USE: Minimize negative effects by the user
  • USE WITH AWARENESS: Recycle products at the end of their life as a resource
  • THINK: Design products with the whole life cycle in mind
  • CHOOSE: Use environmentally friendly materials
  • CREATE: Produce useful products with minimal material and energy consumption


Environmental Aids

Environmental aid is intended for the development of projects of general interest and is considered to be of social interest in the protection of the environment. For the purposes of the purposes of social interest in environmental protection, activities of social interest are understood to be all those activities derived

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Management systems

The integration of management systems allows companies to optimize their resources, reduce costs and improve productivity, generating a complete and integrated organization. Ampliar información Environmental Aids Carbon footprint Life cycle analysis Energy audit Circular Economy Grants Environmental risk Management systems Sustainability Report Sustainability Plan ESG advice and sustainable finance Environmental

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Environmental risk

Since October 2018 (Law 26/2007), companies must have a financial guarantee to enable them to meet the environmental liability inherent to the activity they carry out. This Law establishes that the amount of the financial guarantee will be determined on the basis of an Environmental Risk Analysis of the activity.

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How to reduce the cost of electricity

Since 2015, companies with industrial (manufacturing) activity can apply a reduction of up to 85% of the taxable base of the Special Tax on Electricity, which allows a substantial reduction of the electricity bill. Ampliar información Ayudas Medioambientales Análisis de ciclo de vida de un producto Auditoría energética Como reducir

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Carbon footprint

Para toda empresa que tenga en consideración la lucha contra el cambio climático debe empezar por medir su huella de carbono de organización o corporativa.  La Huella de Carbono es el cálculo de la totalidad de gases de efecto invernadero (GEI) emitidos por efecto directo o indirecto por un individuo,

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Life cycle analysis

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) refers to the complete study of the environmental impact that a product or service can generate in the different phases of its life, from the extraction of raw materials to the use and end of life of the product, once it has been discarded as waste. 

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