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We’ll provide you with the key details to discover how you can reduce your foreign VAT, allowing you to focus on your business.

What is foreign VAT?

Foreign VAT refers to the tax on purchases from companies in European Union countries.

While there is an EU VAT Directive, each country has specific regulations, and it is crucial to understand the details when conducting transactions.

This VAT cannot be deducted in the Spanish tax return, but its refund can be requested, and Euro-Funding can assist you.

In general terms, the VAT incurred by entities established in Spain in other Member States is recoverable. However, it is true that in some of these countries, certain limitations exist, which must be considered when incurring such expenses, as their indirect tax may not be 100% recoverable.


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    How does it affect companies?

    Which companies is the foreign VAT optimization service aimed at?

    The foreign VAT optimization service can be beneficial for a variety of companies engaged in international business operations. This service is often of interest to:

    • Importing Companies
    • Companies with Cross-Border Operations
    • Technology and Digital Services Companies
    • International Consulting Companies
    • Companies with Global Supply Chains
    • Companies Participating in International Projects
    • Companies with International Research and Development Activities

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    If you want to enhance security and generate savings in your international operations, we can help.


    The requirements for reclaiming VAT incurred in other Member States or certain third countries may vary according to the VAT regulations of each country. However, here are some requirements that are often applicable:

    • Commercial Use: Most countries require that the VAT is related to commercial or business expenses. Purchases or expenses must have been made with the purpose of carrying out commercial activities.

    • Expense Eligibility: The types of expenses eligible for VAT refund may vary. It is common for the goods and services acquired to be directly related to the company’s commercial activities.

    • Proper Documentation: The company must maintain complete and accurate documentation to support the refund request. This may include invoices, import documents, contracts, and other documents demonstrating the eligibility and amount of VAT paid.

    • Submission Deadlines: It is crucial to submit the refund request within the established deadline; failing to do so may result in the denial of the refund request.

    • Document Validation: The documents submitted to support the request may be subject to validation by tax authorities. They must be legitimate and meet the established requirements.

    • Compliance with Local Requirements: In addition to the general conditions, it is important to know and comply with all specific requirements of the country where the VAT refund is being requested. This may include specific forms, procedures, and local tax regulations.

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