Webinar Summary: Cluster 4

Clúster 4 Horizon Europe

Horizon Europe, the new Framework Program of the European Union in charge of replacing H2020 poses a new scenario that has brought many doubts among companies seeking European funds for the development of projects, which is why from Euro-Funding we have launched a series of webinars to answer all queries that may arise about the different clusters of which this call is formed.

Thus, in this webinar held on October 14 we discovered all the news about Cluster 4, focused on Digital, Industry and Space.

In the session we reviewed the budgets allocated by the European Commission to the topics of this cluster and pointed out the different areas of intervention. Thus, we also highlight that “this cluster will develop technology and industrial capabilities to increase industrial competitiveness and the ability to meet global challenges, will support the digitized, circular, low-carbon and low-emission economy and will be an essential piece for universities and research institutes”.

Focus on European social and ethical values

In the second part of the session we highlighted that this cluster will be able to have interaction with other programs such as: Digital Europe, European Space program, the InvestEU Fund, the European Regional Development Fund, the CEF program and the Single Market program that will support the competitiveness of SMEs and entrepreneurship.

We explained the different priority areas defined for this cluster:

DESTINATION 1 – Climate neutral, circular and digitised production TWIN-TRANSITION.
DESTINATION 2 – A digitised, resource-efficient and resilient industry
DESTINATION 4 – Digital and emerging technologies for competitiveness and fit for the green deal

This Horizon Europe cluster will give a focus on European social and ethical values, e.g. a human-centered Internet, AI and citizens, privacy protection, necessary skills, the human element in manufacturing.

At Euro-Funding we have been managing public funds for more than 20 years to finance R&D&I projects, industrial investments, business development or energy efficiency of innovative companies, universities, technology centers and research organizations.



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