"We maximize the approval rating
of projects" Interview

We maximize the approval rate of projects

Our colleague Victoria Palau has attended an interview in Radio Empresa 360, where she has made known the work of Euro-Funding since its inception, responding to the tax deduction for R & D as aid management and other services to which we have evolved today.

Victoria commented on the difficulty in detecting grants and the correct presentation of the project in order to obtain funding. In this way, she highlights how Euro-Funding tries to maximize the number of approved projects per call, under a model of remuneration for success.

In addition, our colleague has reviewed the sectors in which there are more calls for public funding and comments on the great problem of not exhausting the funds of a call for proposals for the convening entity.

At Euro-Funding we focus on offering customized financial solutions to each of the innovative companies we work with. We assist our clients in defining a strategy for raising public funds, addressing both the obtaining of grants and credits as well as tax incentives. During the process, our technical team develops a financing scenario that takes into account both the projects already developed by the company and future investment plans.



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