Strategies for optimising the tax burden
of SMEs and large companies

How to optimise the tax burden on companies

In the field of property taxation, it is necessary to carry out an exhaustive review of various elements, such as the cadastral value, property transfer taxes (ITP or AJD), ICIO in the case of new constructions and issues related to capital gains. In this context, it is particularly relevant to look for savings opportunities in Property Tax (IBI) and Business Activity Tax (IAE).

For example, it is common to find cases in which values associated with the cadastral value and the activity have been established at the time of incorporation of the company, without having been updated subsequently. It is essential to update these parameters in order to verify whether an overpayment is being made. If so, it is possible to request a refund of the undue payments, even if up to 4 years have passed, as the statute of limitations has not expired.

At Euro-Funding we have more than 20 years of experience in analysing the tax situation of thousands of entities. We work together with our clients in the development of a personalised tax planning and strategy in the area of the following taxes:

International VAT

Corporate tax (tax deductions for R+D+i and for job creation for disabled workers).

Taxation associated with real estate (IBI, IAE, ICIO, Plusvalía, etc.).

We help our clients to identify risks, understand the regulatory basis of the different taxes and all the tax aspects that influence the daily operations of organisations.

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