Renewal of our ISO certificates

Renovación certificados ISO


Euro Funding is pleased to announce the renewal for the fourth consecutive year of our Integrated Management System, which includes the following certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and 50001: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and 50001. A renewal that is added to the ISO 27001 standard achieved in March of this year, referring to Information Security.

After an intense period of document review and evaluation of criteria, Euro-Funding’s commitment and work to guarantee quality management, environmental management and energy efficiency management in our processes and services has been reflected once again this year.

The renewal of these certificates allows our company to continue improving in important aspects such as process integration and decision making. When analyzing the interactions resulting from the procedure through ISO 9001, we find it much easier to improve efficiency and cost savings. This allows all Euro-Funding departments to be coordinated and our entire organization to be aware of the procedures we implement when working. Another important benefit of the renewal of these certificates, and specifically the renewal of the ISO 14001 standard, is that it provides a framework for identifying, monitoring and complying with the different environmental requirements that we apply to our processes.

Finally, in relation to the ISO 50001 standard, it should be noted that with the renewal of this certificate we demonstrate our contribution to environmental protection and sustainable development, an issue of great relevance today. In this sense, at Euro-Funding we believe that it is important to ensure an adequate system that uses less energy and whose operation does not have a major impact on the earth.

In addition to obtaining these certificates, at Euro-Funding we accompany you throughout the process of implementing management systems, ensuring the required quality standards, identifying the needs of our customers and conducting assessments, diagnostics and audits to see how we can improve the process.



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