How to reduce Social Security contributions
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How to reduce Social Security contributions

Did you know that the rebates on Social Security contributions for research personnel allow a 40% reduction on the common contingencies of the contributions?

The purpose of this bonus is to help companies to continue investing in R&D and, especially, to maintain and/or create jobs dedicated to research, development and innovation (R&D).

To this end, it is necessary to analyze the personnel actively participating in the company’s projects and see if they meet the conditions, both labor and technical, as well as to study the possible incompatibilities with other services that the company is enjoying. It should be noted that the work does not end with the identification and registration of the person, but must be followed up and a technical justification report must be drawn up, which, depending on the number of subsidized workers, will require certification through an accredited entity.

In the last three years, the Euro-Funding team has subsidized more than 2,200 workers from different companies with a successful remuneration model.

Learn about the requirements that companies must meet in order to benefit from this tool and how Euro-Funding can help you.


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