New challenges in the
circular production

Desafíos modelo de producción circular

Alejandro has more than 25 years of experience in the development of consulting projects and training programs in the disciplines of:, Sustainability, Environmental Management, Quality and Excellence in management and Innovation in public and private organizations). Currently he is Senior Project Manager Environmental and Sustainability at Euro-Funding.


In natural processes and cycles, the word waste does not exist. Nature has mechanisms to reuse biomass residues. This concept is known as biodegradation. Waste is decomposed into the chemical elements that form it thanks to the action of biological agents such as plants, fungi and microorganisms to produce energy, amino acids, tissues or other microorganisms, i.e., it is valorized.  

If we think in economic terms we could speak of a “natur-economy”, that is, how nature acts very efficiently with the resources it has available. This does not generate waste or cost overruns and does not contribute to the loss of natural profitability.

If in our organization we reuse the water left over from our process for another use, such as irrigation, but the subsequent treatment is carried out with fossil fuels, we are not using the right approach. The circular model has to consider as an objective the generation of zero greenhouse gas emissions and the generation of minimum impact on the environment.

A circular production model should manage these flows in a uniform way and under a system vision (ecological, social, physical, economic…), i.e., they must be analyzed as a whole and not through the parts that compose it, seeking that products, components and resources retain their usefulness and value at all times. This is the key to their soundness. That is the great challenge.

In Euro-Funding we accompany our clients in the process of implementing energy efficiency measures and the development of actions that reduce the environmental impact through the development of specialized consulting services, adapted to the needs and legal obligations.