Know the advantages of
being an innovative SME

Magister in Euro-Funding. She is an Industrial Engineer and since 2003 she has been advising entities of different sectors and sizes in the development and execution of direct and indirect financing strategies at regional, national and European level in the field of Innovation, Energy Efficiency and Sustainability.


In Euro-Funding we constantly work hand in hand with companies advising them on how to obtain the Innovative SME seal.

The Innovative SME seal is a tool recognized by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness that rewards companies that are committed to R&D&I with tax benefits in the corporate tax, since they certify the activities and projects they develop as innovation.

Among the main advantages of having the Innovative SME seal, the first one is the achievement of not having to choose the type of incentive associated to the hiring of a person who will carry out R&D&I activities, that is to say, it allows to make compatible the tax deduction for R&D&I and the bonus for people dedicated to R&D&I.

Previously, when making a hiring of these characteristics, the company had to choose between taking a tax deduction because that person was associated with R&D&I activities or taking a rebate on the company’s share of the Social Security contribution for research personnel exclusively assigned to R&D&I activities. However, if you have the Innovative SME seal, both issues are compatible. Another advantage is that certain grants, associated with regional R&D&I support calls, score positively in the evaluation of a project if it has this seal because it is a clear indication of the company’s innovative capacity.

It should also be noted that the Innovative SME seal is a public recognition of the company’s efforts to remain at the forefront of innovation. For that reason, it enhances the brand image and is a great asset for future clients to trust their work. Some companies use the seal for promotional purposes. And also at the same time, in the fiscal area, it is intended to promote that these companies have greater facilities in the process of obtaining the Binding Motivated Report for the realization of R+D+i activities.

For all these reasons, Euro-Funding is constantly working hand in hand with the companies, advising them on how to obtain the Innovative SME seal. To do this, we have highly qualified staff that provides companies with a great boost to enter the path of innovation, and thus obtain the certifications that best suit your company profile.



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