How to be more efficient when it
comes to saving on your electricity bill

How to be more efficient when it comes to saving on your electricity bill

Our colleague Enrique Roca, Technical Director of the Sustainability team, explains the most effective ways to save on electricity bills.

First of all, it is essential to have an efficient control of the installations to determine ways to optimize consumption. It is essential to know what the energy is used for and to analyze the reasons why there is a certain consumption. Secondly, it is necessary to ensure the installation of the best available technology when making a new acquisition.

It is also important to think about investments with a reasonable return. In other words, assessing and analyzing whether it is economically necessary a reform whose sole purpose is to implement types such as airtightness of buildings and ventilation control, which could be positive.

With all this, it is also key to take into account other investments such as photovoltaic installation. Today, the photovoltaic installation can be amortized in the first five years, which can be reduced to three in the case of having the necessary aid. All this implies a great saving in the electricity bill, as well as a significant reduction of the environmental impact. That is why solar energy is gaining a lot of weight in the agricultural sector and more and more farms are opting to install solar panels.

At Euro-Funding we assist our clients throughout the process of implementing energy efficiency measures and the development of actions that reduce environmental impact through the development of services adapted to the needs and legal obligations.



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