Growth of blockchain
technology in Cataluña


Javier Campos has a degree in Telecommunication Technologies Engineering – Sound and Image and a master’s degree in PMP. With more than 9 years of experience in the management of R+D+i project financing, mostly focused on the telecommunications and IT industry. He is currently Technical Manager managing the ICT team in the Barcelona office.

Growth of blockchain technology in Cataluña

The horizon that this new decade presents us with will give continuity to what is known as the Digital Transformation. Although this concept is very broad, we can specify and highlight the following applications:

  • Urban equipment and infrastructure (Smart cities)
  • Financial Technologies (Fintech)
  • Technologies applied to the real estate sector
  • 5G technology applied to industry

More specifically, in Catalonia we can highlight the Blockchain technology as an axis applicable to the previous sectors. The growth that this technology has had in the Catalan ecosystem has doubled to the point of invoicing more than 9.5M euros and generating more than 400 jobs.

“A report prepared by ACCIO in collaboration with the Department of Digital Policies and Public Administration identifies 76 companies working in the blockchain sector in Catalonia, 117% more than in 2018″.

However, there is still much to be done and there is increasing interest. Important entities such as governments, banks and large companies are beginning to work with this technology, motivated in part by the possibility it offers for the safe and reliable transfer of a security or asset. However, when it comes to planning the implementation of a project with this new technology, large companies and organizations are faced with a paradigm shift that is too ambitious to be implemented on a large scale by them. It is here where small technological companies come into play, where their business model revolves around the “blockchain”.

In Barcelona, specifically in the Barcelona Tech City, is where a large number of start-ups specializing in this technology are concentrated. This is a clear example of the importance of start-ups when developing technological solutions that are then implemented by large companies.

Therefore, we are in an ideal moment to invest in research and to continue developing Blockchain solutions. The Catalan business network together with the Technology and Research Centers have always stood out for being at the forefront of ICT solutions. In this sense, it is expected the emergence of disruptive solutions applied to cryptosystems, food, logistics, public administration, trade, health care or energy, among others.

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