Euro-Funding takes leading role in the European Innovation Fund

We have been awarded a 1 million euro project.

Euro-Funding wins EUR 1 Million project to accompany 7 Renewable Energy decarbonisation projects until 2026.

Last week the European Commission notified Euro-Funding of the successful evaluation of the REALIZE project. The REALIZE project, funded under the Horizon Europe programme, aims to present a carefully selected and pre-qualified portfolio of new renewable energy generation technologies to the EU Innovation Fund (IF) through proposals resulting from successfully completed Horizon projects in Renewable Energy Sources (RES). The project will support IF project promoters to win major Innovation Fund support or propose alternative funding opportunities at EU, national and local level.

Intense support will be given to ten technology partners in the consortium building on their results from pre-qualified Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe projects. From these, we will prepare seven IF proposals spanning a variety of sectors: Concentrated Solar Power, wind, solar thermal and solar photovoltaics, ocean energy and biofuels as energy-producing installations and as manufacturing projects for small-, medium- and large-scale calls.

REALIZE will also reach out to the broader renewable energy community, with conferences and written material addressing IF’s selection criteria; sharing “lessons learnt” (including with Innovation Fund’s designers) and explaining the complementarity of different public funding programmes. Deep collaboration with other projects funded under the same call topic is foreseen but not counted upon.

The REALIZE project which stands for “Renewable Energy Actions Leveraging Innovation towards Zero Emissions in Europe” is a Coordination and Support Action worth 1 million Euros and including 15 partners, including European Renewable Associations, research centres and technology players. Euro-Funding is the coordinator of the action which is likely to start in January 2024 and last for more than two years. This news came as one of Euro-Funding clients was awarded a Large-Scale Innovation Fund proposal few days earlier. Both milestones are placing Euro-Funding as a European leader in this important programme supported by the EU.

The Innovation Fund is one of the world’s largest funding programmes for the demonstration of innovative low-carbon technologies.

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