December in solidarity



The Corporate Social Responsibility policy focuses mainly on three aspects: working conditions for employees, collaboration in social projects and care for the environment. The application of this policy involves assuming social, economic and environmental responsibility based on compliance with legislation.

That is why Euro-Funding has prepared a series of solidarity initiatives for the month of December. With these initiatives we want to do our bit to contribute to the mission of achieving a more prosperous society, without forgetting the role of our employees as the essence of these actions. 


The week of 12-16 December we will be collecting non-perishable food in all our offices for a nationwide collection. Subsequently, we will donate this food to the different food bank offices in each city. The sole purpose of the Food Bank Foundation is to collect food free of charge and then distribute it to charitable organisations.

The channels through which this organisation is supplied are varied and among them is the activity known as Operation Kilo, which, although it began in a small way, has increased its level of participation every year. This activity is carried out thanks to the participation of schools, companies and other public or private entities, and for its success, the integration and collaboration of the people who make up the organisation is vital.


This year we are collaborating with the campaign promoted by Radio Nacional de España and the Fundación Crecer Jugando “Un Juguete, una Ilusión”. Play is a fundamental right of the child, as stated in the Declaration of Human Rights of the Child. Toys are the main instrument of play and, moreover, not only have a playful character, but through toys, children learn about many aspects of the society that surrounds them. By playing, children learn to build the world of tomorrow, a better world. “One toy, one dream” guarantees children’s right to play by distributing toys, thus complementing the work of other campaigns with health, nutrition or schooling programmes for children.

In order to participate, you can buy a solidarity pen for €5 and your purchase will be converted into a new toy that will be given directly to a child. In this edition, and after the situation experienced by COVID-19, the campaign will focus mainly on supporting children’s projects in our country, without forgetting the most important projects in other countries.

solidarity lottery

This year the profits from this solidarity campaign will be donated to the Cocina Económica Nuestra Señora del Rosario, a soup kitchen in the Triana neighbourhood of Seville that not only provides food to those who need it most but also services so that everyone’s most basic needs are covered. This canteen has a dining room, wardrobe, showers, hairdressing salon, grocery store and workshop so that people who need it have the necessary tools to prosper and have a better life. The donation will be 2 euros and will be added to the price of the ticket. Thank you very much for your help. have created a space on their website with an exclusive lottery number for Euro-Funding. This website is the property of the Official Lottery Sales Point. That’s why you will never pay commissions, neither when you play, nor when you collect your prizes. Its payment and prize collection methods are secure and are connected to official banks of the highest solvency.  With each purchase, a certificate is generated in your name, which accredits you as the owner of the lottery purchased. This way we prevent you from losing your prize. You will have to register when you make the purchase. If you win, we will inform you of the prizes you have won and how to collect them at the moment and with total security.

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