New features in ERC Work Programme:
What to expect in 2024

The European Commission approved on 10 July the European Research Council’s Work Programme (WP) for 2024, with around €2.193 billion to support excellent researchers.

changes to come in 2024

In 2024, the ERC is bringing in new opportunities and enhancements to support excellent researchers. Here are the key features to expect in the ERC 2024 program:

  • Transitional Arrangements: Applicants established in Horizon 2020 Associated Countries or third countries negotiating association to Horizon Europe will continue to benefit from transitional arrangements, ensuring a smooth transition for researchers in these regions.
  • Advanced Grants Pilot Call: Advanced Grants will be implemented as a pilot call using a lump sum contribution, offering a new funding mechanism to support groundbreaking projects.
  • Improved Evaluation Process: Changes have been introduced to the structure of the Curriculum Vitae and Track Record, as well as the overall evaluation procedure, to streamline the application review and assess proposals’ potential more effectively.
  • Focused Evaluation Approach: At step 2 of the evaluation for Starting, Consolidator, and Advanced Grants, a maximum of 44 proposals per-panel will be assessed, ensuring a thorough evaluation by experts.
  • Additional Credits and Fair Allocation: Additional credits may become available, and their allocation will be based on scientific need, the number of applications received, and predicted success rates, promoting a fair distribution of resources.

Important Dates for ERC 2024 Grants:

Starting Grant:

  • Call opens: 11/07/2023
  • Call deadline: 24/10/2023

Consolidator Grant:

  • Call opens: 12/09/2023
  • Call deadline: 12/12/2023

Advanced Grant:

  • Call opens: 29/05/2024
  • Call deadline: 29/08/2024

Synergy Grant:

  • Call opens: 12/07/2023
  • Call deadline: 08/11/2023

Proof of Concept Grant:

  • Call opens: 16/11/2023
  • Call deadline: 14/03/2024

Public Engagement with Research Award:

  • Call opens: 14/11/2023
  • Call deadline: 17/09/2024

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Summary of Changes in the ERC 2023 Program

  • Association Agreements: The 2023 ERC Work Programme continues the interest of the European Union to maintain relations with countries associated with the predecessor programme, Horizon 2020. Most third countries associated with Horizon 2020 are expected to be associated with Horizon Europe, and association agreements with certain countries have started producing legal effects.
  • Grant Availability: The ERC Work Programme 2023 offers Starting, Consolidator, Advanced, and Synergy Grants. ERC Principal Investigators funded under previous Work Programmes can also apply for complementary funding through Proof of Concept Grants. 
  • Submission Restrictions: Restrictions on applications will apply to the 2023 calls based on the evaluation outcome of previous calls. Principal Investigators who served as panel members under previous calls may have submission restrictions. The members of ERC panels alternate to allow panel members to apply to the ERC calls in alternate years. 
  • Eligibility Period: For ERC Starting and Consolidator Grants from 2023 onwards, the reference date for calculating the eligibility period is the certified date of the successful defense of the PhD degree, not the award date
  • Indicative Summary of Calls: The 2023 budget includes calls for Starting, Consolidator, Advanced, and Synergy Grants. The call identifiers, opening dates, and deadlines for each grant type are provided in the document. 
  • Budget Allocation: The indicative budget for the 2023 ERC program is EUR 2,172 million. This budget includes funding for Main Frontier Research Grants, Complementary funding for ERC Principal Investigators, Other Actions, and Public Procurement. 
  • Customization of IT Tools: The ERC (European Research Council) is set to continue using the European Commission’s corporate IT eGrants suite, which was used under Horizon 2020, for managing ERC calls under Horizon Europe. However, the ERC needs to customize these applications to meet its specific requirements. The customization will be done in accordance with the guidance of the ERC Scientific Council and the Horizon Europe specific program requirements. The ERC will work in collaboration with the ERCEA (European Research Council Executive Agency) and the European Commission to ensure the continuity of its operations and respond to the strategic decisions of the Scientific Council. Technical assistance will be required for customizing the IT tools to meet the ERC’s requirements for call publication, proposal submission, and evaluation. 

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