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A special tax regime that helps to encourage and boost business innovation.

¿What is patent box?

The Patent Box is an incentive that complements the financing of innovative projects through a reduction of up to 60% in the taxation of income derived from the assignment or transfer of the right to use certain intangible assets.

How does Euro-Funding help you during this process?

Our service is based on the analysis of the assets generated and their nature, the valuation of the different expense items incurred in their development, the determination of the income from the assignment in each financial year and the quantification of the potential tax savings that could result.

Analysis of assets subject to assignment.

We are present throughout the process of applying the patent box incentive, collaborating with entities specialised in transfer pricing, assignment agreements and intellectual protection mechanisms or registration of results, providing support in:

Description of the scientific-technical process of asset creation.

  • Detailed cost analysis of the asset creation process.
  • Determination of the reduction coefficient for the application of the incentive
  • Description of the impact of the asset transfer
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Collaboration with external actors


Advantages of the patent box for companies

  • It is applicable to any type of company.
  • It maximises the financing of innovative projects, as it is compatible with aid and tax deductions for R&D&I.
  • It is independent of the company’s tax base, and can be applied with negative tax bases.
  • It is applicable in the transfer of assets
  • It is applicable between companies in the same group.
  • The incentive is applied from the moment the transfer contract is formalised and income is obtained, regardless of the date of creation of the asset.


We analyse your possibilities without obligation.

Eligible assets

  • Patents and utility models
  • Supplementary protection certificates for medicinal products and plant protection products
  • Designs
  • Registered advanced software

As long as they originate from R&D activities and are legally registered.

Patent box requirements

The entity transferring the assets must have participated in their creation. The entity acquiring the right of use must apply it in the conduct of an economic activity. In addition, a transfer contract must exist and accounting records must be available.

Why trust in euro funding

Network of partners

We carry out continuous institutional work in collaboration with different state and autonomous community bodies, economic agents, sectoral associations, business schools and technology centres.

These alliances involve different joint actions such as the preparation of sectoral reports and the holding of conferences all over the world. Our long experience in the world of public funding has allowed us to maintain a close relationship with the Administration and the bodies that manage the different public funds.


We develop a continuous institutional work collaborating with different state and autonomic organisms, economic agents, sectorial associations, business schools and Technological Centres.

At Euro-Funding we have developed our own Integrated Management System consisting of: ISO 9.001 Quality, ISO 14.001 Environmental, ISO 50.001 Energy Management and Information Security Management 27.001.

We are subscribed to the United Nations Global Compact in the areas of human rights, labour, environmental protection and anti-corruption, complying with the ten Principles of the Compact, as established in its Code of Ethical Conduct.

We have been calculating and registering our Carbon Footprint in the Registry of the current Ministry for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge since 2014, maintaining a constant reduction of emissions.

We have the seal awarded by the Generalitat de Catalunya through ACCIÓ. It identifies professionals with the most suitable profile to offer personalised and expert support to companies through ACCIÓ’s aid programmes. 

Experience and results

More than 20 years in project finance. Around 46,500 projects managed and more than 5,940 million euros of financing and savings obtained for our clients.

Consolidated team

Euro-Funding’s team is made up of around 200 engineers with financial backgrounds, spread across all our offices in A Coruña, Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid, Seville and Valencia.

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