Improving operational efficiency

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At Euro-Funding we have a team of experts who manage business consulting projects focused mainly on improving operational efficiency. We apply in each project the most appropriate tools and techniques to achieve the established objectives, focusing mainly on.


  1.  Analysis: Preparation of a quantified diagnosis, with which to identify levers for improvement. 
  2. Transformation plan: Definition and implementation of an action plan to achieve the level of impact on results.
  3. Monitoring and continuous improvement: Accompaniment and support to the team, seeking to consolidate the cultural change and the focus on continuous improvement in the organisation.

We analyze and identify improvement opportunities for your project.

Our methodology

Processes: achieving efficiency from the definition and execution of the activity

Organization: Evolve the organizational model towards a structure aligned with objectives and activities to be carried out.

Management systems and methodology: visibility for decision making

Training and change management: organizational mobilization and cultural change